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Nokamo Consulting in Birmingham

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Welcome to NOKAMO Consulting. A profit transformation company.

On a crusade to rid the world of commoditised thinking.

Clone-brands, camouflaged propositions and echo chamber communications. Enough.

Customers are only seeing price as the differentiator.

Benchmarking has made 'strategy' lazy; snails pace growth, an asthmatic P&L - the death knell for businesses & brands. Discriminate your business. Build inequality in the market.

From our strapline "Champions of conspicuous behaviour" right through to our strategy IP, commercial modelling and campaigns, all of it is designed for brand's that want exponential commercial returns by transforming markets. The result? We create and launch brands, revise propositions and build marketing campaigns that haven't been done before.

Our aim to exceed the commercial aims of business leaders of the world's biggest brands to entrepreneurs and trailblazers within SME's. We are doing the EXTRAORDINARY now in various sectors such as legal, financial, cyber security, professional services, fitness, sport and FMCG.

In the post-Covid aftermath a return to marketing's science, reason and rigour will be required to survive and prosper.


  • Advertising
  • B2B Marketing
  • Brand Strategy
  • Content
  • Corporate Communications
  • CRM
  • Design
  • Direct Marketing
  • Events
  • Experiential
  • Film
  • Innovation
  • Principles of marketing first, channel second.
  • Social Media
  • TV/Video/Audio Production

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