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Did you know I work with Batman?

Did you know I work with Batman?

Posted on 29 September 2021 by

I like to think of my freelancers as the superheroes of the creative and marketing world. And me, I’m essentially Nick Fury who sends these superheroes your way. Dramatic… me? Never. Hear me out.

Scenario 1. A major client has just dropped an urgent brief on you which they need delivering YESTERDAY! Your team is at full capacity and you don’t have the band-width to cover the project. You need a trusted freelancer last minute.com to help you pull this off. Out of the shadows, freelancer number 1 appears just in the nick of time to deliver a bloomin’ brilliant piece of work that you can take full credit for when you present it to your client at 9am tomorrow morning. The hero we wanted and the hero we needed. Batman the freelancer slinks of into the night, ready to return when the next emergency calls.

Scenario 2. You have been recruiting for a perm person for the last 3 months but in a market so candidate scarce WHERE ON PLANET EARTH IS YOUR PERFECT PERMY?! (PR Account Managers I am aiming this at you!) Well, while the allusive permanent candidate takes their sweet time to show themselves, in a flash of lightning, Thor (the god of comms) appears from some unknown galaxy to fill that gaping void which you can’t hold together alone any longer. You are free to focus on your actual job until a permanent solution is unveiled. At which point, freelancer number 2 flies off for their next mission.

Scenario 3. Your fabulous team are on the lookout for some fresh perspective and inspiration. In swings your friendly neighbourhood strategist, ready to re-energise your team, offer invaluable insight and creativity, walking away at the end of the day leaving you all re-inspired to face another day in this crazy but wonderful industry in which we live and breathe. Until next time Spiderman the strategist.

Don’t get me wrong, freelancers become freelancers with an expectation that they will dip in and out. They will be picked up and put down. They will come and they will go. They are fine with that, it is part of their job description. But as an industry, once in a while we should recognise the value, the expertise, the fresh energy and the resource that a trusted freelancer can bring to you and your team. So today, lets celebrate the freelance superheroes of our market. Because you never know when you will be in need of a super-freelancer to save the day!

Cheers to all the freelancers doing a cracking job!

Signing off

Katy ‘Fury’-Gaskin

#toinfinityandbeyond #withgreatpowercomegreatresonsibility #avengersassemble

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